Dog Walking

At Wacky Hounds we love dog walking!

It's that simple. When your dog is out with us, rest assured they will be having a great time.

We collect your pal from your home and take them out for an exciting and stimulating walk. We use lots of different types of locations for our walks, like parks, woodland, beaches and moorland. The safety and security of your dog is paramount and so all of our walks are chosen with this in mind. Dogs are walked on the lead to begin with and then, with your permission, and when we deem it appropriate and safe to do so, we will let them off.
The majority of our walks are 1 hour group walks and with this in mind, we use all of our experience in matching up potential play mates. However, If you would rather have your dog walked individually, no problem! We can usually arrange 1 on 1 dog walking as well.
A favourite toy is also welcome to come along, although we can't vouch for its safe return, especially if they decide to share it with any of their chums! Once home again, we will rub them down, refresh their water supply and give them a low calorific treat.

Please click on "find your nearest" for the details of your local Wacky Hounds dog walker, or "throw us a bone" and someone will get back to you within a wag of your tail.

20 Minute short walks from £9.25
1 hour group walks from £11.25

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Dog walking Dog walking Dog walking

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